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The China's 133rd Export and Import Trade Fair (Canton Fair)

The China's 133rd Export and Import Trade Fair (Canton Fair)

May 8,2023

The  China's 133rd Export and Import Trade Fair (Canton Fair)

Foshan Shunde Jiyourong Electric Appliances Co., Ltd(JYR) participated in the China's 133rd Export and Import Trade Fair (Canton Fair) from April 15th to 19th ,2023.

There are about 35 thousand enterprises join in the Canton Fair,and the total exhibition area is 1.5 million square meters,all hit the record high.JYR selected a number of

new and popular air humidifiers for this exhibition, such as UG350/UG292/UG392/UG300/UG200 and so on.

During the exhibition period,our  air humidifiers are popular and impressed by many distributors and wholesalers.We discussed the products details with each client patiently,

and we received many inquiries and trial orders at site.

Through this exhibition,we have a great chance to communicate with our old customers.

JYR  provided them with suggestions on product optimization and new product design schemes.At the same time,we entered into partnerships with new customers,

providing them with various solutions for product customization.Many clients are willing to visit our factory after the exhibition due to our impressed products and 

professional one-stop service.