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Greenhouse and Plant Humidifiers

Greenhouse and Plant Humidifiers
How Can We Maintain the Humidity Inside a Greenhouse?
A greenhouse can be used for growing all types of plants, even when the weather normally wouldn’t allow them to thrive. For your greenhouse to really work though, humidity is a crucial factor.
A greenhouse’s environment is normally humid, thanks to all the plants packed in close quarters. However, sometimes, humidity must still be introduced or reduced to maintain the proper level your plants need.
The question remains, then:
How can we maintain the proper humidity in a greenhouse?
Greenhouse Basics
Before you try to adjust the humidity in your greenhouse, it’s important to understand the humidity you’re dealing with - the relative humidity. Relative humidity is the percentage of the amount of water vapor present in the atmosphere at a temperature.
When the air warms, it is able to hold more moisture, which is why greenhouses are so warm and humid. Humidity is important in greenhouses because plants love the water in the air.
It can be a problem if it’s unbalanced though, since humidity can affect and encourage pathogens and pests.
Certain nutrients like calcium may not be absorbed by your plants well either if the humidity is too high, while plants cannot grow well if the humidity is too low. This is why you need to keep an eye on the proper humidity levels.

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